What Inspired Assimil

The Castles of the Great Assimil Unearthed 

The message we wanted to portray in our novel is to show the importance of having compassion for the situations of other people. One person can make a difference in the world and inspire many people. Assimil is a strong main character who works hard to overcome the life he has been given. Our inspiration when writing this book was from the many stories we have heard of families struggling in Africa and America. We understand that people are starving everyday and we wanted to write a book that would bring people hope and love.

About Assimil 

Our book is about a young boy growing up in Somalia and finding his way to college in America.  The main character's name is Assimil.  Along Assimil's journey you can feel the love he has for his family along with his pain living in such a bad situation.  With a single mother struggling to feed five children, two of which are handicapped, Assimil finds himself responisble to protect his family at all costs.  The real question becomes if Assimil is able to fight his way out of the darkness to find the light of life. Read our novel to find out exactly what happens on Assimil's journey to see how he survives and what he acheives for himself and his family.