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These two young authors to your left are Takunda Keith Mahachi and Ali Gorson-Marrow.  Despite their young age, they have worked hard and collaborated for months to write a beautiful novel together. 
Takunda Keith is a wonderful 20 year old man and believes in limitless ambition. He is passionate about his career goal of becoming a neurosurgeon and strives to be the voice for minorities in society. His imaginative spirit makes him believe more and question less. Thus making him the perfect author for a story about the Great Assimil. Takunda is passionate about his African homeland and wants the African society to grow into an educational powerhouse. After writing Assimil's story, Takunda Keith has become inspired and hopes to create a foundation for the less priviledged, continue his writing career and help fix the problem of poverty in Africa. Above all he believes through God anything is possible and attributes all his success and creativity to God. Lastly, a special thank you to his mother for nurturing him into the gentleman he is today.  
Keith's co-author, Ali is passionate about non-profit organizations especially those that help children. She feels that children are the basis of our society and should never lose their innocence. It is important to help low income families in all countries so everyone can achieve a good education and a happy childhood. Ali also feels that no matter your skin color, ethnicity, gender or religion all people should be equal in this world. Although Ali never planned on writing a book she is excited about Assimil's publishing journey and wants to share Assimil's story with the world.

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More about Keith 
Takunda Keith Mahachi, at only 20 years old, has worked hard to publish his novel and uses his creativity each day to come up with marketing tradegies.  He is incredibly dedicated and driven.
More about Ali
Ali grew up outside Philadelphia in the suburbs.  At 18 years old she is very deciated to bringing her novel to the world and hopes to learn more about writing and marketing at Goucher College in the fall. With a large support of family, friends (and keith) with her Ali feels positive and excited about her future career.